melange of self perception

by Timmy Jacks Off

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released October 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Timmy Jacks Off Duluth, Minnesota

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Track Name: didn't get it quite right
the distinction
becomes much more subtle
as the nuance dies
in the idea of harmony
a counter thought
or an utter lack of pride
obsessively precise
o no
i won't make great company tonite

cuz I'm addicted
to something that
does not
will not ever exist
and if i could only wish to rationalize
to recognize
the beautiful in-between
all red faced and swollen
with scaly skin
and a broken promise

connected with a dead thread
vulgar similarities
viewing a blood red silhouette
o baby I'm just becoming redundant
as i look back on an exorcism like a pass
miles to go before i sleep
cuz thats how i deal with shame
i have a saying that comes to mind
sometimes monkeys die
its not a great saying
but it certainly is appropriate tonite
as i reject my memory
and go back into the reservoirs to see
just what has become of me
Track Name: potentate
it was something
that the color implied
something that would be
pointless to describe
am i still rotting in yr breath
as i fashion the moment into a nest

i think
o no no
i know i saw you in a dream
we discussed the texture
and the nature of grief
paradoxically choking upon
borrowed sympathies

i did as i pleased and now you know what i mean
i did as i pleased and now you see what i mean..

i guess potentially
Track Name: abstaining from coincidence
it was a simple matter of context
striking at the core of a consequence
a means to an end
all tangled up in sentiment
waking up covered in blood
wondering where the hell the nite went
it was a slip of the tongue
but it felt more like an absence